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Watch Poker on TV

Watch Poker on TV
Watching Poker on TVTV has been one of the main factors in the recent surge of poker’s popularity. Hardly a day goes by that one channel or another doesn’t have solemn-faced men and women, some in dark sunglasses, sitting around a table and trying to figure the chances of them winning versus their opponents. Poker on TV is not just for experienced players, either. With the commentators, the look at all of the players’ hands, and the odds of winning calculators even rank amateurs can watch and enjoy poker on TV. read more

Another Bad Beat Poker Jackpot Won: Second Time for NC Resident – Gambling911.com
Gambling911.com Another Bad Beat Poker Jackpot Won: Second Time for NC ResidentGambling911.com, FLOnline poker player DOOSA777 is convinced that lightning really can strike twice, as she celebrates winning not just one, but two Bad Beat Jackpots at Absolute Poker in as many months. Today at 18:20ET DOOSA777 pocketed $161837.59 of the $487169.53 Bad … More: continued here […]Click here to play

Chris Ferguson’s Biography
2000 WSOP Champ Chris Ferguson was born in 1963 in Los Angeles, California. Ferguson attended UCLA where he received a Ph.D in computer science. Ferguson's parents also hold doctoral degrees. His father is a game theory teacher at UCLA.read more

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