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Poker Hand Rankings

If you want to become a serious poker player online or offline
you need to know the poker
hand rankings or you not know if you have a good hand or a bad hand. Of course
if you are use to playing with friends at home
you are more than likely not playing by the rules that are seen at casinos. All casinos
poker rooms online
and offline play by the same rules. The first thing you must know is that all 52 cards are used to play poker in most cases; however
the joker may or may not be used. The joker is often only seen in Draw Poker games and is not used in Texas Hold’em
other hold’em games
and stud poker.Cards are ranked from highest to lowest with the Ace at the top. The King
and Jack come next in that order and then 10 all the way down to the 2 often referred to as the deuce. The Ace can be used at the top or the bottom as a one for straights or even for the lowest card. In practically all poker games
only the five best cards are counted even if you are playing a seven-card game. Here is the breakdown so you will know if you have a good hand.If a joker is in play
the best hand a person can have is a five of a kind with five Aces at the top of the list. If no joker is in play
the best hand is the straight flush. A straight flush is five cards of the same suit such as all spades
all hearts
all clubs
or all diamonds. Of course
the cards must be in order to be a straight such as five diamonds from 5 to 10. A Royal Flush is the best hand
which includes the Ace
and Ten. Four of a kind comes next. All four cards must be the same card
such as all tens
etc… with the higher the card ranking the better. The best of course would be four Aces.Next is the Full House. A full house is three cards that have the same rank and then a pair. The higher the three cards the better such as 3 Kings and 2 5’s. Of course
the person with the higher three cards will beat other players.The flush is next. A flush is cards of the same suit
but not in order. This means you can have five hearts of any rank. The person with the highest rank card will win if everyone has a flush. The straight is next with five cards in order from various suits. This means you can have 1 ace space
1 diamond king
1 heart queen
1 club jack
and 1 spade 10. The suit does not matter.Three of a kind means the same card such as all three kings. The next is a two pair of the same such as 2 Aces and 2 fives. The last one is one pair such as 2 tens. Of course if no one has any of the above
the person with the highest card will win the hand.

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