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Featured November 9 finalist Filippo Candio

Featured November 9 finalist Filippo Candio
Filippo Candio is an Italian born professional poker player
Candio is 26 years old and part of November nine in the 2010 World Series of Poker Championship in Las Vegas. Candio got his start in live tournament action because it’s the only way legally in his country. Filippo Candio is actually considered a villain […]

Poker Pros Understand Fold Equity
A level of online poker aggression that rarely gets discussed
but yet is quite prevalent and a large part of Texas Holdem poker games is fold equity. Fold equity is an advantage that the poker pro creates for himself by betting and raising
rather than just calling
with the intent of making his opponents fold their hands.

Poker Professional Reality
With the huge increase of people playing poker online and in casinos
the thought of becoming a poker professional always enters peoples minds. As appealing as becoming a poker professional might be to you
it is not easy to become a poker pro.

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