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Poker strongest hand

1 Street

Each player is dealt a fifth card. The game continues as in the previous round, starting with the new strongest hand. From now on, and in all subsequent betting rounds, all bets and raises correspond to the high full amount. So must be the 4-8 stud all further bets and raises to $ 8 steps to Party Poker Bonus Code. If the betting and raising to an end, then starts the 6th Street.

2 Street

It is a sixth card is dealt to each player. You play more like the 5th Street, beginning with the strongest hand. All bets and raises must be made with the high amount.

3 Street

Players are dealt a seventh card face down. The player with the highest visible hand begins with Party Poker Bonus Code. All bets and raises must be made with the high amount. If all players still in the 7th Street are, it is not enough cards available to everyone a covert been decided. In this case, an open community card is dealt. Anyone can use this to create the best combination of five cards. But this case occurs very rarely.


Each of the now in play after the bidding of 7th Street is over now has the option to show his best hand consisting of 5 cards with the goal to win by party poker promo code. The player of the last set or a raise must show his hand first. And then the next player in clockwise order. Each is free if he wants to show his hand or wants to throw away covers. The player with the strongest hand wins the pot. In the rare event that two players hold the same strength hand, then the pot is split.

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