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Titan Time

Titan Time
  There is $20,000 up for grabs in the Titan Time promotion being staged this month at Titan Poker and players can race to their share of the prizes, no matter if their preference is cash games or tournaments. Titan Time consists of two 3-day races every week, ranking players by the number of Points they earn at Titan Poker. The Monday through Wednesday races rank players by the Points they generate at cash tables, while the Friday through Sunday races rank players by the Points they generate at tournaments. Players who enjoy both cash games and tournaments will find it easy to compete in all the competitions, as the race dates don’t overlap. Titan Time’s leaderboards are updated automatically, making it easy for players to see where they stand and ensure that they’ll earn enough Points to finish at the top of the rankings and win a cash prize. Lasting three days at a time, players will be sure to make extra spurts of activity to finish in the money. To be eligible for the prizes in the Titan Time promotion, players must remember to opt-in on the Titan Poker website. Prize money will be distributed to winning players throughout the month, soon after the conclusion of each of the races.   Please click here to visit Titan Poker Promotion Date: 11 November 2011

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