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Is Facebook buying Full Tilt Poker?

Is Facebook buying Full Tilt Poker?
Poker March 30th, 2012 A rumor is going around that Facebook is buying Full Tilt Poker. I don’t know if this is true or not but I doubt it is actually Facebook. If this were at all true, it would be Peter Thiel who is one of the original founders of Paypal, original investor in Facebook, and investor in Zynga Poker. It is possible that Bernard Tapie was the broker for the deal. Peter Thiel Image Recently, Zynga poker announced that it was going to create a desktop application for Zynga Poker that would be real money. They spend tens of millions on advertising and recently bought OMGPOP.com for 180 Million dollars because of it’s big hit Draw Something. It would totally be plausible that they would buy Full Tilt Poker to further their real money poker interests. I’m not sure if it is Zynga or Zynga with Peter Thiel behind them. He has all the ties: Paypal, Facebook, Zynga, and his hedge fund Clarium Capital Management LLC. If Zynga could dish out 180 million for an online Pictionary called OMG POP, it is completely possible that they would buy Full Tilt Poker. Play Online Poker Poker Blog Copyright 2008 – 2012 Pokerbloggs.comSubscribe to PokerBloggs.com

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