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GI Joe Assaults Online Poker, Refrigerated Beer, Noobs

GI Joe Assaults Online Poker, Refrigerated Beer, Noobs
published on 03/18/11 at 7:09 am Angel Valdez is working towards the American dream. By waking up at noon, cracking opening a PBR, and giving online poker a shot full-time. We talk to the recently unemployed McDonald’s cashier, now full time poker player and owner of the Online Poker Team (OPT) to see what he is all about. Special interviewer, Street3, makes an appearance to ask a few of his own questions. What is the background on your twitter name, GI Joe Valdez? Big into kids and toys? Was Snake Eyes the coolest “Joe”? Why not the nickname, El Burro?I was in the Army for 8 years and was pretty crazy. One time one of the older guys said “slow your roll gijoe and take it easy” and it stuck since then some called me gijoe. After I got out of the Army I created an email with that name. Nothing glorious about it but it has stuck. Now most people that don’t know my real name call me Joe. Why did you start the OPT?Other players and I used to be a part of another online poker team but they were jerks when it came time to play. If you lost they were all over you, and put a lot of pressure for you to finish out your allotment. Talked to a couple of other unhappy players and they suggested I start my own. I did and took it from there. I made it a lot of fun to be a part of this team with zero drama and been very lucky so far. Has this endeavor been profitable?The OPT: Yes, when we first started The OPT share were sold at $5 each. Now they are close to $6, and when we started I begged players to join we now have a waiting list and its not as easy to get in.Full time poker pro: I’m on day 3 and if I continue min cashing in this fashion I will be broke sooner then 2 weeks. What are your plans if you do not find a job when your bankroll runs out next week?I been lucky to have made a lot of final tables in my online poker career so I paid close attention to all the rail beggars. Noted all their sappy questions and how they get players to ship them money. Its better then standing by the freeway with a sign. I can beg from home. Just open up a final table and go to work. If you were a “pro” who would you like to sponsor you?Some whale that doesn’t care if they lose money. Mike Matusow is probably the biggest candidate. I’ve seen him stake some really bad players in the Main event so I figured I can’t do any worse. What is the square root of 9?There is a square in 9? Had to Google that. 3 it says. What is your favorite poker game? Cash/tourney? The most you have ever won and lost?Favorite game are Super Turbos MTT, 2nd favorite are Rush games, 3rd are deepstack/double stack MTT’s. I don’t play cash games at all, but when I have I’ve done pretty well. The most I have won in an MTT has been $3300 on Pokerstars, and $2200 several times on Fulltilt. The most I’ve lost in an MTT online was $110 and in cash game $77 I think. Live game I spent $125 to play a sat which I won. That gave me $1100 to play a wsopc event. I didn’t cash so that sucked. I’m a bankroll nit so… Noob Was it a good or bad decision, on my part, to allow Street3 into this interview? Explain this.Its always good to let Street3 into any conversation with you. He will make you look good. You could be picking your nose live on TV and no one will notice anything but his big forehead. See attached pic… space is available for advertisement on his forehead so he says… Check/Call or Bet/Fold? Why?Both.Check/call: when using pot control. If you have top pair and weak kicker or fear other player flopped bigger hand.Bet/fold: is what I use when in agro mode and I use it vs any number of opponents. You get so much information by throwing out a bet. At best they all fold or 1 calls the rest fold, and at worse case scenario they all fold and 1 re-raises you, or they all call. What piece of advice would you give a first time online poker player?Don’t get started. QUIT! Turn around and go play checkers. But if he really doesn’t like that advice I suggest getting some proper training or a solid coach, read up on the game, have a nice bankroll to back you up, set your priorities, and stick to a routine. I’ve seen a lot of players go on tilt in poker but it doesn’t stop there. Usually that carries across there other parts of their life and they crash and burn. There are a lot of stories on the news about gamblers robbing some casino, held up another player, or held up a bank or convenience store. If you aren’t patient in life you will definitely not succeed in poker. While this game skill has 70% of chance the other 30% is lady luck’s doing and she’s a cold hart bitch. If you aren’t ready for the losses or can’t handle it then don’t get started. This game is filled with skilled and solid players, and it takes time for a noob to get there. This game can be a lot of fun just don’t let it get you down. Related posts: Online Poker Player Plays His Cards Close To The Vest Black Friday Saves One Player’s Money & Relationship

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