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Dealing with Sore Losers

Dealing with Sore Losers
Once in your poker playing life, you’ll come across one or more players that simply can’t step to the beat of losing and winning.  These people are those who probably think they should win simply because their opponents seemed to be winning the entire day, which is not a good excuse for losing badly in poker matches.  Sometimes, these people are players of online poker who is relatively vulnerable to tilts and emotional overload.  These people attitude can range from mildly annoying to downright nasty. Playing with these kinds of players is not a major issue in online poker.  It is something poker sharks are actually waiting for – to have players make a fool out of themselves and waste even more money on aggressive behavior.  While you can very much take advantage of this emotional weakness in a live table, it pays to know what should be done when you’re opponents emotional barometer go into overdrive. Take Advantage Live poker matches allows you to put all of your abilities to full use because it allows you to see, hear, and feel the way your opponents play the game (while possible, it is not recommended that you smell or taste your opponent).  This is the main source of players’ frustration because, like we all know, some players are more adept in shuffling cards than in winning a dealt hand.  This reaction is normal, but not all players can control it, and those who do have the upper hand in terms of winning in poker matches. You can exploit these weaknesses.  You don’t even have to provoke him to increase his anger.  Emotional outbursts allow you more time to study your hand and more opportunities to study his behavior.  Learn how he deals with a strong or a weak hand based on the way his body reacts to a dealt hand.  If you have established the pattern and make considerably good choices of moves on the information that you have, you can own the player until he becomes conscious of what he has been doing, or until he ran out of chips to spend. Protect Yourself Sometimes, the emotional outburst become either disruptive or threatening steps are needed to be directed in response to it.  While it is tempting to resolve the issue by shoving a closed fist into the perpetrator’s open mouth, it pays to let the dealer know about the commotion and seek help from him.  He and the casino people can deal with unpleasant behavior better than a closed fist.  For your part, remember how costly it is to tilt, so better keep your emotional bearings in check and let the casino people do its job.

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