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Featured November 9 finalist Filippo Candio

Featured November 9 finalist Filippo Candio
Filippo Candio is an Italian born professional poker player
Candio is 26 years old and part of November nine in the 2010 World Series of Poker Championship in Las Vegas. Candio got his start in live tournament action because it’s the only way legally in his country. Filippo Candio is actually considered a villain […]

Poker Pros Understand Fold Equity
A level of online poker aggression that rarely gets discussed
but yet is quite prevalent and a large part of Texas Holdem poker games is fold equity. Fold equity is an advantage that the poker pro creates for himself by betting and raising
rather than just calling
with the intent of making his opponents fold their hands.

Poker Professional Reality
With the huge increase of people playing poker online and in casinos
the thought of becoming a poker professional always enters peoples minds. As appealing as becoming a poker professional might be to you
it is not easy to become a poker pro.

What is Poker?

In poker each player gets a number of cards where after it is time to convince the other players that you have or will have the best combination of cards. The convincing is made by putting your money where your mouth is.

Not Just A Game
Nor One Game

Poker isn’t just a game. Perhaps you have encountered poker players that are so passionate about poker that it becomes unfair labeling it as “just a game”. Anyway poker is distinguished from many other games for reasons implied in the first paragraph. The aim of the game is not solely getting the best hand. If that would be the case then poker would be a game of chance. As it is now skill will win you money.

Neither is poker one game. Rather
poker is a group of related games with a number of elements in common such as hand rankings
bluffing and a few other things too. Poker has been described as a game of money played with cards. Although this saying might be a bit bold
it does capture the fact that: poker is wagering
with the cards constituting the odds.

The Most Distinguishing Characteristic of Poker

Poker is different than all other casino games because you are playing against the other players
not the house. The casino does not make their money based on what you lose. Instead the casino/poker room takes a fee for supplying you with the game. All other casino games have rules that ensure the casino a mathematical advantage over the player. In poker
all is fair and square. You are competing against the other players and you are all governed by the same basic conditions.

Poker in the Bigger Picture

Playing against other people requires knowledge about people. With this latest addition it has been
so far
suggested that poker is a game of people as well as a game of odds
and deceitfulness. This means that a diversity of people with many different personalities can enjoy and be successful at poker.

Poker is many things. This article conveys the contour of poker but still it only touches the surface. Best wishes exploring further
poker has many levels and it is rewarding finding out more about them.

Be a Winner with WINNER’S 2 Billionth Hand

Winner Poker is giving away an extraordinary range of prizes in true poker spirit. Read the full story at http://www.classicasinos.com/Poker_Promotions/Two_Billionth_Hand.html

The PokerNews Profile: David Benyamine (source: Pokernews.com)
David Benyamine is one of those rare individuals who
perhaps by sheer will and drive
have found success in every professional endeavor he’s attempted. Born in Paris
Benyamine was a highly ranked tennis player in his youth. Though he was… (source: Pokernews.com) – RSS and RSS Feed on Feedzilla.com

Aussie Millions 2010 – Qualify at Ladbrokes Poker

Join some of the biggest names in poker by qualifying with Ladbrokes for as little as €4. Read the full story at http://www.classicasinos.com/Poker_Promotions/Aussie_Millions_2010_Qualify_at_Ladbrokes_Poker.html

How Omaha Poker Is Played

In online poker
there is no doubt that the Texas hold-em poker is still considered the most popular. But it probably would not hold that spot for long
as Omaha hold-em is steadily gaining ground in the poker popularity contest. You’ll find many respectable poker rooms and other live dealer casinos offering the Omaha Poker version.Omaha hold-em
or simply Omaha
is the game of choice of a lot of poker players because it is perceived that the mathematical probabilities that poker nerds look forward to computing are more obvious there. Also
because these probabilities are more apparent
Omaha is said to be more of a game of wits than a game of chance.Another characteristic that makes Omaha distinct from the other kinds of poker games is that in Omaha
it is not always the player with the highest hand who wins the pot. The object of Omaha is to come up with both the highest and the lowest hand. The two players who got the highest and the lowest hand respectively get to split the pot. In some cases
two or more players tie in having the highest and lowest hand
and so they split the pot amongst themselves. Of course it is entirely possible for just the player with the highest hand to get the whole pot to him/herself.There are
restrictions as to how a hand of cards can be considered a low hand. First
the highest card in the hand should have a value not bigger than eight. Second
the five cards making up the hand should all be unpaired.In addition
in Omaha
a player makes up his/her hand
be it the highest or the lowest
using exactly two of his/her four hole cards and exactly three of the five community cards.Here is how Omaha is played
step by step:1. The dealer deals out the four hole cards to each player one at a time. Once all the players have their cards
an initial round of betting is made. The person to the left of the dealer makes the small blind and the one to his/her left makes the big blind. The other players can then check the big blind
raise it
or fold.2. After this first betting round is done
the dealer draws out the first three community cards
also called the flop. Another betting round happens
with players raising
checking or folding. Afterwards
the dealer draws the fourth community card
called the turn
which is then followed by another betting round with the subsequent raising
checking or folding. The same happens with the fifth community card
also known as the river.3. The showdown happens among the players who have not folded after the river is placed down. Again
the players use exactly two of the hole cards and exactly three of the community cards. The players with the highest and the lowest hand win the pot and split it among themselves. If there are no hands that qualified for the lowest hand
then the player who got the highest hand gets to have the pot entirely to him/herself.

Hearing for Intrastate Online Poker in California

A hearing regarding intrastate online poker in California is scheduled to take place in February 2010. Read the full story at http://www.classicasinos.com/PokerNews/ns_18122009_418.html

The Color Of Poker Money – Play Money Poker

“What’s that father?” a little boy once asked his father. “Can I play with them?”

The father replied
it is not a toy! It is money
my boy!” The boy hurried off to play outside
wondering why his father considered those colorful chips as money.

Most children in America grew up with different kinds of colored chips. This colored chips represents money in the casinos. For example
a player who wants to play poker has to buy some chips to be used when betting. And because this is the kind of money that is being used during a game in the casino
particularly poker
others eventually call it poker money.

Poker money comes in various shades of blue
and other colors usually seen in the casinos.

In a particular poker game
a player’s poker money account is comprised of real cash and real chips. Normally
players could convert their cash to chips and vice versa. This can be done any time the player wants to do transactions except during a game.

Poker money arrives after a player settles down on a table and is ready to play poker. This poker money
in terms of chips
is being laid out in front of the concerned player.

before proceeding into playing poker
every player must make a deposit for his poker money.

In a live poker game where players get to play facing each other
the poker money are converted easily from cash to chips and vice versa on counters provided in the casino.

On the other hand
online poker games have different ways of managing poker money. Most of the online poker websites require their players to have their poker money accounts through deposits. Generally
these can be done into two categories. One category of depositing poker money is through direct methods wherein players use a credit card or draft in order to deposit money. The other category of depositing poker money is through a 3rd party services like NETeller or prepaid ATM which acts like Internet banks. Here
players can do transactions such as depositing poker money and transferring funds to online poker Web sites.

There are six deposit methods usually used when dealing with poker money by means of a 3rd party.

First of its kind is the Neteller. This method of depositing poker money is usually available on many Internet sites. Neteller offers players the choice of cashing out directly poker money into their account. Opening a Neteller account is like having an online wallet.

The other method you could consider is the MyCitadel wherein online poker players need not check their mails for drafts. MyCitadel is a payment system that manages US and Canadian customers mostly catering to poker money related matters. Here
poker players can have their poker money by purchasing chips online.

Then there is the FirePay
a Web based cash account. FirePay is great site wherein players with fund accounts from a United States bank can directly open a poker money account with them. Funds can be transferred directly from a U.S. bank account.

You also have the option in using a prepaid ATM. The difference with prepaid ATM is that players get to deposit their poker money to an ATM card and not just a Web site. When doing cash outs
it goes directly to your card. And the good thing about it is that the prepaid ATM works with most local ATM machines.

If you are not so convenient in using ATM
you could opt for credit cards. Poker money deposits can be easily managed without having a 3rd party. Or better yet
you could use the bank draft or check wherein your poker money deposits are better secured. Plus most Web sites offer 10% bonus when you deposit poker money through this method.

Last option would be the UseMyBank method wherein it also guarantees secured
and easy transactions.
only those who have Canadian online bank accounts can be eligible.

And after you are through making poker money deposit
and maybe playing some hands of poker
there are online poker Web site that will give you a choice if you want to cash out your poker money at once or remove your funds at the site if in case you still want to come back and play. With the six deposit mode mentioned
you can be assured of having your poker money
whether chips or cash
remain exactly like you left them.

when the time comes you have finally decided to play poker online or in a live poker room in the casino
try to think of ways how to manage your poker money. After all
those chips are not just plain plastics. Poker money is exactly the reason why you have played poker in the first place.

Biggest poker pot in televised history
Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan both make inside straight draws on the turn. This 4 on the turn coolers Phil Ivey in what will be the biggest poker pot in live televised poker history. Play Online Poker Subscribe to PokerBloggs.com

Poker After Dark – Durr Does It Again (source: launchpoker.com)
The $100k buy in event featured the best players out there
such as Phil Hellmuth
Tom Dwan
Allen Cunningham
Guy Laliberte
Mike Baxter and David Peat. It was Baxter and Dwar who mixed it up before
and were destined to do it again in this particular han… (source: launchpoker.com) – News widgets and RSS feeds on Feedzilla.com

Online Poker Tools – Increase Your Winnings

Online Poker Tools to help you win more playing online poker If you are serious about online poker, owning online poker tools such as a statistics tracker and an odds calculator are essential. Almost every winning online professional poker player has both of these tools running at an given time.

Even though they are well worth their modest cost (roughly $70), it is possible to get these online poker tools for free ! All you have to do is to sign up to a new poker room, deposit some money, possibly play a few hands, and the poker tool is yours for free!

Do not make the mistake of getting the wrong poker tools. I have paid hundreds of dollars trying out every poker tool available. Read my reviews to make the best decision.

My Recommendations:

I recommend running at least three tools when you play poker. I run Poker Edge and Poker Office always in the background, they provide immensely useful information on your play and your opponent’s play. I always have a poker calculator working, Holdem Indicator is my favorite for general use, but when I can I also use Holdem Hawk (when the poker room allows me!

Poker Office is a sophisticated online poker tool that I use instead of Poker Tracker. Used in conjunction with Poker Edge, I have a very powerful online poker statistics set up. It allows you to view the other player’s betting patterns and their statistics, as well as analyze your own play (like in Poker Tracker) so you can find weaknesses in your game. There are win rates, statistics reports and graphs and the ability to replay any hand, tournament or session. As far as I am concerned it is absolutely essential for online poker playing.

Poker Edge: There are a number of different tools which do a broadly similar job, but this is my favorite. The others are too difficult to set up and not reliable enough. Poker Edge tracks the play of a huge number of players so you can see statistics of everyone on their enormous database. This can tell you which players you want to avoid and who you want to play against – very important factors in making money at the table. I run this software every time I play poker and it has been very very helpful. Almost every poker professional has software like this set up! You are giving away a huge advantage if you do not have it. Like the others its free if you sign up for a new poker room!

Holdem Indicator: This is one of the very best tools out there. I recommend this completely. The free license is available when you sign up to many poker rooms listed below. The HUGE benefit of this program is that it enables you to see your opponent’s mucked cards at showdown! This is not illegal and you are entitled to see you opponents mucked cards at showdown, but some rooms choose not to allow this. This is very useful information as it can tell you what your opponents are willing to call you down with. It has made me a lot of money! Holdem Indicator also has a basic players tracking guide for classifying player that you are playing with. All in all this is probably the best poker odds calculator on the market.

At the very least I recommend that you get Poker Edge, Poker Office and Holdem Indicator. When I can, instead of running Holdem Genius, I run Holdem Hawk which is a more powerful tool, but unfortunately it is so good that Poker Stars ban people from using it. It works with many other rooms though! If you play at rooms which allow it

Remember these are all free so you obviously have nothing to lose in getting them all.

A Word on Other “Tools”:

You may have heard about many other tools that you can buy. Be warned that most of these are scams.

Poker Bots: As well as being illegal in poker rooms, these are very easily detected. Once the poker rooms find out that you have been using a poker bot, they will ban you for life!

Hole Card Predictors: These are just plain scams. They do not work. Whatever the makers claim, there is no way to beat the random number generators that the poker rooms set up as the billion pound poker rooms hire the best mathematicians in the world to set them up and they are constantly changing!

View Your Opponent’s Hole Cards: In this scam, they send you software (for a large fee!) that you have to install on your opponent’s computer without them knowing, and have running whilst you both play. Then you have to dodge the poker room as they have tracking software and this tool is VERY illegal!

These “systems” are not worth your money. You are much better off getting the tools below for free!

Good luck at the tables!


Omaha Rules – A Guide to Omaha Poker
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Omaha Hi Lo – A Varaition of Standard Omaha
Omaha Hi Lo is a form of the regular poker game Omaha. In fact, the wagering, the blinds, as well as the postings are totally identical to Omaha poker.read more