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The Mind of a High Roller and Good Poker Player

Gambling is such a lucrative activity where gains are manifested only to those who have access to it.Generally, gambling is considered as a game of chance. Everybody would love to gamble because of the fact that it could provide them easy money without having to toil and wait longer.Others contend that the reason why people love gambling is based on the fact that they consider it as a play, a game that gives them the kind of satisfaction that they need. They find it as an outlet that deviates from the usual life they have whenever they are at work or at home.The Gambling PeopleIn a typical casino environment, people who are seen playing poker, blackjack, roulettes, etc. usually come from different walks of life.Normally, they would put a reasonable bet on something that they think would be enough to give them back their stakes plus a hefty amount of money if ever they win.But there are people who place bets or stakes with large amount of money. These people are known as the high-rollers of the casino. These high rollers are those that usually deposit $1,000 or more and certainly do not look for offers such as no deposit poker bonus and freeroll poker sites.The reason why high rollers exist in the casinos is based on the fact that there are special bonuses that are only designated to people who deposit large amounts of money. And most often than not, these high rollers are the ones that usually win and take the money from other bets.No wonder why a particular thinking had evolved. This is known as the high-rollers mindset.The high rollers mindset is a way of thinking of most casino players or gamblers that conceptualizes the idea that the higher the bet, the higher the chances of winning and getting bigger amount of money.High-rollers mindset is usually employed by high-rollers or those who gamble a lot of money. They believe that by placing large amounts of money as their bets, they would be able to get the special bonuses being offered by the casino. Plus, they can even have more benefits that are only entitled to the high rollers if ever they get to win the game.Having a high-roller mindset is not at all wrong, especially if a person has a lot of money to bet. The only drawback is that it tends to let a person gamble a lot of money just for the thought that he or she might win. The bottom line: high rollers who gamble more have higher chances of losing more. After all, it’s still gambling where people are never sure if they will win or not.

King Solomon’s Poker Moves to Playtech Network
Quality online poker site completes its transition from the Boss Media poker platform. Read the full story at http://www.classicasinos.com/PokerNews/ns_02022010_456.html

Ladbrokes Enters Italian Poker Market
Ladbrokes receives a license to hold poker tournaments from Italian authorities. Read the full story at http://www.classicasinos.com/PokerNews/ns_22122009_421.html

Full Tilt is under fire

Full Tilt is under fire
The world of poker is a very complex structure built around players, the online poker sites and casinos that provide the games, the limits and games played, rake, backers, and a lot more, and in the end, trying to provide the best game possible that helps everyone.  The entire situation with Townsend, Hastings, and Cole […]

A Realistic Casino Experience
CelebPoker has introduced a diverse selection of stylish casino games as part of its ever expanding portfolio of online entertainment options. These new games can be accessed directly from the poker client and include variations of traditional casino favourites like Roulette and BlackJack together with some more unusual games such as Pai Gow Poker and Red Dog.

CelebPoker Returns to Live Poker Circuit
Leading online poker room CelebPoker.com has bowed to popular demand and will shortly relaunch its acclaimed series of live off-the-wall poker tournaments across the UK and Europe.

Betting Strategy at Three Card Poker

Betting Strategy at Three Card Poker
Although this table game uses the hand rankings and general concept of poker, it lacks the subtlety and skill of variations like Texas hold’em and seven card stud, where the players compete directly with one another. In fact, three card poker is even simpler to play than blackjack, in which the player must learn […]